*Day two to seven  *Day eight  *Day nine- Big day  *My 1st before/ after photo  *Day 10- Owww  *Day 11, 12 and 13- Lots of sleep  *Days 14 and 15- Cupcakes and smiles  *Days 16, 17 and 18- Elastics time  *Days 19-22- Who’s the girl in the mirror  *Days 23-26- A change of scenery   *41 days post-op  *Four months later  *The Braces are off!  *One year later


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  1. Hi,

    My name is Shona and I am 28 and live in the UK. I am currently going through the exact treatment that you had, though my underbite is a bit more pronounced than I think yours may have been. I am emailing because you have been extremely honest in your blog posts, I will be honest and say that I am finding it incredibly difficult just coping with the braces!
    I was told before treatment began that they would have to make the alignment of my teeth ‘worse’ before it gets better and although I thought I was prepared for this I was wrong. Did you suffer with any speech difficulties? I’m only 5 months in but I have already developed speech impediments due to the braces, I have found this really difficult to deal with, I found that I am more self conscious than ever and no matter how much I tell myself that it will be worth it in the long run I am still struggling to cope with how low I feel about my appearance.
    Do you have any advice for someone in my position? you seem so strong and positive, how did you manage it? I feel like an emotional wreck most of the time! And I am still a year away from surgery so the chances are it will get worse!

    I apologise for this random emotional outpouring but I don’t really have anyone to speak to who could understand how I feel. I am getting teary just typing this, I promise that I’m normal! Lol. Its just I had no idea what I was letting myself in for and still feel unprepared, any help or advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Sending you my best wishes,


    • mybrokenface says:

      Hi Shona,

      Thanks for reaching out, I’m glad you found my blog.

      Yes braces were horrible and I was extremely self-conscious through the first two years. I didn’t even like eating in front if people as I feared something would be stuck in my teeth. It also made my underbite more pronounced (as it’s supposed to) which made me cringe any time a camera came near me. I swear I spent two years doing only close-lipped smiles.

      The braces definitely made me trips on my word some but I’d actually had a bit of a lisp before braces due to my underbite. My speech is better now that it’s all complete.

      The few years leading up to the surgery can definitely wreak emotional havoc on you. But trust me IT IS ALL WORTH IT!!! At the time I was going through it I thought it’d never be over and that I’d be awkward forever. But now it seems like it never happened.

      Focus on the positive. You’re going to get a beautiful new face and perfectly straight teeth. Soon enough you won’t be able to stop smiling!!



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